Oh Fantasy Free Me

Pretty Like Drugs
22 August

If anything I write in my journal offends anyone or anyone gets pissed off at what I write then I apologise now and I probably didnt think it would offend anyone while I was typing.

This is a friends only journal for reasons I don't really want to put here I will put it in my journal when I want to and when I know its 'safe' to do so.

On with the bio!!!

Im Amy im 19. Im a student at a local college in Liverpool, The Arts center and im studying photography. I have lived in Liverpool all my life, in exactly the same house. MY family live all around liverpool and I have some family living in differednt countries. Most of my friends are in Uni so I dont really get to see them that often as I dont have the pennys to go see them but thats not a bad thing cause when I have the money...im straight there, no stopping me.

I made a website with all my photography bits on it. Its mainly black and white because I prefer black and white prints and printing to colour.

I work as a kitchen porter in a resturaunt in Aigbuth Vale, its called Icon. I enjoy it there even though i'm just a glorified dish washer, haha.

Soon I hope to go on to university when I leave college. I would like to move away to do this...away being in a different counrty, because id I were to go to uni to study photography then I would have to move out of liverpool anyway. So may as well be as far away as possible mightnt I? Haha.

I am a very keen photographer, I will take pictures of almost anything that I can...aslong as I have film in my camera cause then theres just no point is there haha.

I like to write lots in my journal although sometimes I dont because I cant think of things to say, or I am busy with college or working. I love to read peoples journals I read every entry on my friends list fascinating or otherwise because I just love to read them :). Sometimes my journal is random and overly boring but hey...what can you do?

I love to travel and from me single experience of camping I quite enjoy that too, although I would rather have a nice warm hotel to stay in...comeon who wouldnt haha.

I am obsessed with my hair and changing the colours of it, and the styles so thats a good thing, a nice healthy obsession is what everyone needs...although I have more than one and its quite worrying. I collect Sporks...if you want to donate any to me feel free I only have two. I collect Frogs, I have millions of those I dont really need any donating bu if you want to it would be nice (muwhahaha) I collect toe socks too, only because those things friggin own. I think I have 6 pairs of them...mostly novelty ones. ROCK ON!

Feel free to message me or whatnot. If you wish to be added to my journal then click here and leave me a little message and I shall add you.